Anita Evans
(1968 - )

Through a long chain of events called my life I have ended up here living in Vilcabamba. I am discovering more about myself and my capabilities than ever before. I’m also learning about how weak the western stomach and intestines are :-)

For all the women out there who may have concerns about whether or not Ecuador has all the ‘comforts of home’, it has. Things are a little different but not much. Vilcambamba has an excellent café culture and many good restaurants. Night life is a little lean and so is ‘shopping’. But you don’t come to V for these things. They are not too far away in Loja for example. You come to V for the people, the world culture that live here, the climate, good health and so much more that is missing from our western world.

If you take the time to read my journals you will begin to discover my journey here in Ecuador and also many insights that I have gained during my time here.

The future sees me and Emily back in New Zealand. I was fortunate enough (I count this among the things in my life to be grateful for) to have be born in a fantastic country that is the size of the Britain with only a population of 4 million. Many people on this planet dream of living in New Zealand and some get to for fill that dream. Ecuador has helped me realize how blessed I am and I am grateful for all the world has given me. We will be returning to Vilca each year to catch up with the wonderful people there.

Life is good in the Andes mountains


You have a wonderful way of telling things like they are without hiding anything and I adore that about you.

I don't know if I expressed that well the particular thing I appreciate about you - it's not just your genuineness but also your ability to see things clearly and appreciate them how they are - good or bad. I think that's what really comes across in your writing. You are finding things you like and dislike about Ecuador but you don't judge either - you simply and directly tell about what you are experiencing and what you are learning from it. I found the medical and educational experiences particularly interesting!

Maura Vij