Vilcabamba Survival Guide

An online travel guide to Vilcabamba and the Loja province in southern Ecuador with maps, restaurants, shops, hotels, services, activities and much more...

When I first came to Vilcabamba I found it hard to find information about the town, what facilities were available: medical, food, accommodation, activities, etc. I found that the establishments that were run by ‘gringos’ were well reviewed on the internet, but a lot of the businesses run by locals and the services provided were not found online. So, one of my primary objectives (in order to make this guide as comprehensive as possible) is to include as many of the local businesses I can as well as the ones run by expats.

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This guide was created in 2009. It started as a unambitious web site, the aim of which was to share our own experience as gringos in Vilcabamba and help other expats find their way around the maze.

A lot of water has flown under the bride and I, Pierre Volter, aka "Gringo al SUR" have become more and more integrated in the Ecuadorian society due to a new lifestyle. My wife is from Loja and we have a little daughter, 2 1/2 at the time of this writing. She has kids of her own. they go to school. None of them speak any English. We spend a lot of time in Loja. Our friends are there. I got involved in some TV program on Ecotel TV. I meet with presidentes de junta parroquial and alcaldes. I started composing songs in Spanish and performed them live in Vilcabamba and Loja. My integration has gone from superficial to rather deep indeed.

Introduction by Anita Evans

The information contained in this guide is a mixture of my own personal experiences, internet sources (only used if name of author is available), interviews with business proprietors and feedback from clients of the businesses.

This guide also contains opinions. We are open to constructive comments and suggestions and invite you to tell us of your experiences at businesses in Vilcabamba so that we may keep this guide up to date. Please provide: your name and contact details and the name and contact details for the business you are referring too.

Any prices quoted in the guide are approximate only. They are subject to change at any time.

If you wish to send feedback please do so through the contact page.

Opening Hours:

Where possible I have included the hours that a business is open. Please note that most places (except food places) close for lunch between 12:30 ish and 2:30 ish. This is especially applicable for businesses in Loja. Some food places will close in the afternoon then reopen early evening. Monday sees a lot of food places and other business closed.

Now, if you find that the place is closed when I say that it should be open, don't blame me and welcome to Latin America! Sometimes restaurants close for no reason (maybe the owner does not feel well). If you find that my opening hours info is completely wrong, please drop me an email using our feedback form and I will endeavour to correct my mistakes.

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