2016 – Wave of violent crime in Vilcabamba Ecuador

2016 – Wave of violent crime in Vilcabamba Ecuador

The text below is a copy of Jim Braman's and Beatriz Benavides-Hilgert's post in the Vilcabamba Bulletin Facebook Group.

Because they have done such tremendous work and because this post is so comprehensive and contains phone numbers, names and other pieces of information that might be useful in the future (I hope not !), we re-publish it here in seekvilcabamba.com, a more permanent and better searchable place than Facebook

The recent wave of violent crime began almost two years ago with two back to back kidnapping-extortion crimes. This was a real wake up call for all of us. We have had crime waves before, but this one has spawned national concern, and it has been the source of a deeper, broader effort toward greater security in Vilcabamba. When it comes to overall security, there are many avenues and/or layers that make up the whole. There is prevention, intervention, and justice, some of these overlap, but all three are important... Read on