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With its mysterious, woman's face shaped Mandango mountain, Vilcabamba is much more than a geographical place on planet earth. Some would happily call it the birthplace of a movement. Which movement? Is is about consciousness, free energy, healing, spirituality, art, simple back-to-the-basics living or all of the above?

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In the Living section we provide information about "real life" in Vilcabamba, the Loja province and ultimately all of Ecuador. There you find a wealth of information ...

The current section has a number of articles, journals, opinions that were written between 2009 and 2011 but are still worthwhile reading. Please consult the menu on the right of the screen. On a small device, please click the tree menu button the top.

We won't try to put Vilcabamba in a box but one thing is for sure, we are never bored here. There is so much happening, so much we can talk about and share. It is a place where one talks about one's personal problems to a total stranger one just bumped into 5 minutes ago on the square (without knowing why) or freely shares his/her thoughts on UFOs or chemtrails without raising an eyebrow.

Very often, when we come home from our days of serendipity, our heads are spinning with new ideas, literally exploding with life and creative thoughts. So, as the time permits, we write them down and, as the time permits, we publish them here.

These articles and journals are written with humility, never meant to be the final word on anything, just thoughts. If you find them useful, if they have helped you to change something in your own life, or if you'd like to add something, don't hesitate to send us an email (see contact page).